Computer Architecture Day 2013

Technion Computer Engineering Center
Future Directions in Computer Architecture
June 28, 2013
Room 1003, EE Meyer Building, Technion, Haifa
Leading researchers in Computer Architecture share their vision, outlook and views with students, faculty  and industry representatives
A rare opportunity to hear from the best in the field
Organizer: Uri Weiser (Technion)
Doug Burger (Microsoft Research)
Luiz Barroso (Google)
Mattan Erez (U of Texas at Austin)
Mark Hill (University of Wisconsin)
Jim Goodman (University of Auckland)
Ravi Iyer (Intel)
David Kaeli (NEU, Boston)
Yale Patt (U of Texas at Austin)
Jim Smith (University of Wisconsin, Emeritus)
Josep Torrellas  (University of Illinois)
Open to the public:
09:00-09:30 – Gathering
09:30-12:30 - Presentations by  Computer Architecture leaders
Open to students only:
13:30-15:00 3 parallel meetings with students
(Location TBD)